Hull Cleaning

Along with hauling your boat and getting paint renewed, a boats paint needs to be maintained regularly to avoid heavy growth and make sure your underwater metal is protected with sacrificial anodes.

Anode Replacement

Replacing propeller(s) and/or propeller shaft(s) can be costly and this can happen by not properly maintaining and protecting them by regularly installing sacrificial anodes. These protect the metal under the water by being sacrificially corroded preventing corrosion of the more important metals. These are a very vital necessity and should be monitored and changed regularly.

Propeller Service

Fixed, folding and feathering propeller installation and removal available.
We also re-surface propellers.

Salvage & Recovery

We’re there should you need anything recovered underwater.

Underwater Photography

$50 with hull cleaning or $100 minimum with commercial inspections.


We are proud to service the areas of San Francisco, Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, Alameda, Richmond, Sausalito, Bodega Bay, Ft Bragg, Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz and Monterey.


Monohulls – $3.25/ft
Powerboats – $4.00/ft
Catamarans – $3.75/ft
Trimarans – $4.00/ft

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